Lightroom and Photoshop workshops

This workshop will bring together the power of two well-known industry standard photography packages Lightroom and Photoshop.

Blue Kiwi Photography will introduce candidates to Lightroom, a photography file management software widely used by professional photographers to sort, categories and store images. I will explain how to batch process images to help save hours of editing and file storage time. The course will also cover the different image file formats and will include a session on resizing images for print use and social media.

Using Photoshop software participants will learn to use professional tools like sharpening functions, brushes, cloning, adding text and creating colour pop images.

In addition participants will also learn how to create panoramic landscape images by stitching individual images together.

This class is designed to provide a friendly environment for individuals to learn about the powerful tools used every day by photographers and designers to enhance, share and store their work.

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